Welcome! Ready to Wrestle God for the Truth?

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This is a place where you can
ask God the hard questions. 

Here you can open up about the “Why”s. The “How Come”s. The “WTF”s.  Whatever you’ve never confronted God with because it brings out too much anger and hurt.  There is a lot that I blame God for, but how often do I stop and face him with these feelings?  I want to latch onto Him with these burning questions.  And I won’t let go until I have answers.  How about you? Have you ever thought to wrestle God over the thoughts that torment you?

This is the space to do that.  Every few days, I’m going to get real with God—in front of you.  My hope is that it will give you a chance to do the same. Why? because deep down, I know God is good.  But sometimes what I see and feel don’t match up to that belief.  So instead of ignore the confusion, I want to break through each of my mental blocks one at a time to greater intimacy with Him.  This is going to entail tearing down old wall paper that I plastered up over cracks and bashes in the wall of our relationship.

It means I will have to take off any band-aids that I let stay on way too long. And it means approaching the Creator of the Universe personally because I want to engage with Him in an ongoing dialogue.

But is it OK to question God?

Who do I think I am to “lock horns” so to speak, with God? In Jewish history, Jacob—a great father of the faith—wrestled all night with “some man”, not knowing who he was up against.  Finally when it was daybreak, the other man dislocated Jacob’s hip and told him, “let me go!”

Jacob asked him, “Please, tell me your name.” But he answered, “Why are you asking about my name?” and blessed him there.  Jacob named that place P’ni’El—“Face of God.” He said “I have seen God face to face, yet my life is spared.” (Genesis 32:31, CJB)

I share that story not to say I am some great hero of the faith who wants to get in a wrestling match with God.  Jacob didn’t ask to wrestle with God.  He didn’t even know who it was until after the fact.  But God started it.  And I think God wants to wrestle with each one of us.  Anyway, I know He has put burning questions in my heart because He wants me to ASK them!

Brace yourself.

I’m going to start with some heavy questions:  “Really, God?  How can I believe in you if you send people to Hell?  How can a place like Hell even exist?”  I have no clue if I’m going to find all the “right” answers.  But I want to reach out and give God the opportunity to respond.  In other words, YES, I actually want to know these things.  Because if I can catch even a glimmer of truth on which to stake my existence, then that means I might possibly discover more truth behind that.  If I can grab on to one ray of light, perhaps it will lead me to the sun.


Will You Wrestle God?

What would you ask God?  I’d like to hear your comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome! Ready to Wrestle God for the Truth?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Luke! I’ve thought of that several times throughout life. And King David was known as “a man after God’s heart!”

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